JCI International Crayfish Conference

Let's go cray cray!

JCI Halmstad are proud to welcome about 100 JCI members and Senators to Halmstad each year to experience traditional Swedish festivities, great fun, and some of the best locations that the Swedish west coast has to offer.

AUGUST 12-14, 2022


Curiously, the JCI International Crayfish Conference is even one year older than JCI Halmstad. How can this be? In 1957, the JCI organization was quite new to Sweden. JCI Göteborg, one of the first Swedish chapters, recognized the opportunity for another chapter on the west coast. To attract potential members a social event in the form of a traditional Swedish crayfish party was organized in Halmstad. Little did the pioneers from Gothenburg know that not only did they establish a new chapter – they also began a JCI tradition that still exists over sixty years later…

65th Anniversary in 2022

JCI Halmstad is organizing the JCI International Crayfish Conference for the 65th consecutive year in 2022. That makes it the longest-running JCI project arranged by a local chapter.

Over the years, the JCI International Crayfish Conference has been held in various venues around Halmstad, welcoming a number of JCI members and Senators from around the world. What has not changed, however, is the event’s focus on fun & friendship  – an opportunity to meet, learn and grow within JCI.

Registration for the 2022 JCI International Crayfish Conference is now closed. Welcome back next year!

16:00-17:30 Registration is open (Hotel Tylösand)

17:30 Opening Ceremony and welcome drink (Hotel Tylösand)
We meet up for a drink before the busses take you to the Home Hospitality dinners.
Dresscode: Casual

18:30 Busses leave for Home Hosp
Home Hospitality Dinner. The Home Hospitality dinner will be held at our members’ houses in and near Halmstad. Check your conference kit which you got in the registration to see which member you will visit and what bus to get on.
Dresscode: Casual. Note that many home hospitality parties will be held as a garden party.

22:30 Busses go back to hotel

09:15-10:00 Madame Executive Vice President Jenni Ahlstedt
10:00-12:00 Keynote speaker: Annica Thorberg
Venue: Hotel Tylösand

12:00-13:00 Lunch
Lunch for the junior delegates.
Venue: Hotel Tylösand
Senators only
12.00-16.00 Senators Lunch
Lunch arranged by Millennium Kitchen Club, that will be their last one.

13:00-14:00 Keynote speaker: Markus Enocksson
Venue: Hotel Tylösand

14:30-16:00 Keynote speaker: Cecilia Sahlström
Venue: Hotel Tylösand

16:00-18:30 Free time, maybe take a visit to the Spa? (it’s included for all our delegates)

18:30 Pre-drink
Venue: Hotel Tylösand
Don’t miss the opportunity to get one of our crayfish bow ties. Sold in the registration (100 SEK).
Dresscode: Black tie optional, and a crayfish bowtie worn in any way possible.

19:30 Banquet
3-course-dinner, nice company, maybe a bit magical and fun. Hopefully a beautiful sunset and some dancing.
Dresscode: Black tie optional, and a crayfish tie worn in any way possible.

Venue: Hotel Tylösand

As a conference delegate, you have a special price of the hotel rooms until May 13th.

Single room, wing: 1830 sek/person/night
Single room, design classic: 1998 sek/person/night
Single room, deluxe: 2222 sek/person/night

Double room, wing: 1209 sek/person/night
Double room, design classic: 1293 sek/person/night
Double room, deluxe: 1405 sek/person/night

How do you make your reservation?
You can call Hotel Tylösand at number +4635-30505 or
send them an email to bokning@tylosand.se
When you make your reservation use the booking code ICC2022

How to get to Halmstad

By plane
If you travel by plane the easiest way is to fly to Copenhagen.
From Copenhagen Airport there is a train that goes straight to Halmstad and it takes about 2h.

You can also fly to Gothenburg.
From the airport you take the airport shuttle bus to the city center and from there the train straight to Halmstad.
The train takes about 1h20m.

Halmstad also have its own airport, Halmstad City Airport.
We have direct flights from Stockholm, Bromma.

Jenni Ahlstedt

We have the great pleasure to welcome 2022 JCI Executive Vice President for Europe, Jenni Ahlstedt, to the 65th JCI International Crayfish Conference.

Annica Thorberg

Annica’s seminar is about how to build your brand on Linkedin and aim to be a thought leader. And how to highlight your JCI experiences and turn them into some of your greatest assets for you and your career. We will go through how to optimize your profile to get more traffic, how to e-mingle and build a “kick-ass” network and how to use Linkedin functions on a daily basis to be considered an expert in your working field aiming for thought leadership. (Bring your computer…)

Markus Enocksson

During Markus’ keynote presentation you will hear him talk about health, motivation and how to, as a leader, create an environment where people thrive, have fun and perform at the best of the abilities.
Markus is a Sport Psychology Consultant. And sport has always been a huge part of his life. As a former professional golfer he understand the importance of having a holistic perspective when helping an individual or a team with wellbeing and performance. During his six years at Halmstad University he studied health- and sport and exercise psychology with the goal to work as a Sport Psychology Consultant. Today he work with both athletes, teams, businesses, and individuals to enhance wellbeing and performance.

Cecilia Sahlström

Cecilia Sahlström has a background in the Policedepartment sor 20 years, the latter years as police commissioner. Since 2011 she worked as a leadership consultant and lecturer in communication and attitude. Between 2016 and 2021 she worked in Social services with communication and development and as manager. Cecilia is nowadays a full time author (crime literature) and her seventh crime novel was published 2022 in February and her novels are also supposed to be published during 2022 in seven languages: English, German, Dutch, Spanish, Frensh, Polish and Finnish. She has an side engagement as student supervisor at the Swedish Police Academy.

If you want to contact us, the easiest way is to use the form below or send us an e-mail to crayfishconference@jcisweden.se.