JCI International Crayfish Conference

Let's go cray cray!


AUGUST 11-13, 2023

JCI Halmstad are proud to welcome about 100 JCI members and Senators to Halmstad each year to experience traditional Swedish festivities, great fun, and some of the best locations that the Swedish west coast has to offer.

This is JCI International Crayfish Conference!


Curiously, the JCI International Crayfish Conference is even one year older than JCI Halmstad. How can this be? In 1957, the JCI organization was quite new to Sweden. JCI Göteborg, one of the first Swedish chapters, recognized the opportunity for another chapter on the west coast. To attract potential members a social event in the form of a traditional Swedish crayfish party was organized in Halmstad. Little did the pioneers from Gothenburg know that not only did they establish a new chapter – they also began a JCI tradition that still exists over sixty years later…

Fun & friendship

JCI Halmstad is organizing the JCI International Crayfish Conference for the 66th consecutive year in 2023. That makes it the longest-running JCI project arranged by a local chapter.

Over the years, the JCI International Crayfish Conference has been held in various venues around Halmstad, welcoming a number of JCI members and Senators from around the world. What has not changed, however, is the event’s focus on fun & friendship  – an opportunity to meet, learn and grow within JCI.

Program – preliminary

2023 August

Fun throughout the years


Venue: Halmstad Plaza

We are welcoming you to the newest hotel in Halmstad, right by the train station: Halmstad Plaza!

As a conference delegate, you have a special price of the hotel rooms until May 31st.

Single room: 1 220 sek/room/night

Double room: 1 320 sek/room/night

How do you make your reservation? Use the button below to access our offer.

How to get to Halmstad

By plane
If you travel by plane the easiest way is to fly to Copenhagen.
From Copenhagen Airport there is a train that goes straight to Halmstad and it takes about 2h.

You can also fly to Gothenburg.
From the airport you take the airport shuttle bus to the city center and from there the train straight to Halmstad.
The train takes about 1h20m.

Halmstad also have its own airport, Halmstad City Airport.
We have direct flights from Stockholm, Bromma.

Keynote speakers

Keynote speakers will be announced in April. Stay tuned!

If you want to contact us, the easiest way is to use the form below or send us an e-mail to crayfishconference@jcisweden.se.